Serbia has been building its current position on the fruit production and export market for years.

It is currently second only to Belarus in terms of apple exports to Russia. Serbia’s exports now exceed 200 000 tonnes, not only thanks to there being no limitations on trade with Russia. Serbia is investing in new orchards, complete with irrigation, hail protection nets, new machinery, controlled atmosphere storage, and state-of-the-art sorting and packing machines. Apple production inn Serbia currently exceeds 400 000 tonnes and increases every year. The most common varieties in new orchards are: Gala, Golden, Red Delicious, Granny Smith, and Idared. Serbian growers are increasingly interested in new technological developments related to crop protection, production, storage and distribution.

Serbia is also among European leaders in raspberry, plum, and sour cherry production and export. Technological Improvements are also seen in these sectors. A search for alternative crops resulted in sweet cherry and blueberry production becoming increasingly common. For many companies in the sector could be an opportunity to appear or strengthen their position on the Serbian market.